Do you need a Developmental Editor?

This post explores what questions to ask of yourself and your manuscript to determine if you’re ready for editing. First, all editing is not the same. There are multiple ways that an editor can prepare your manuscript for publication. Developmental Editors Developmental editors look at the “big picture” of your story. Whether your story isContinue reading “Do you need a Developmental Editor?”

Processing Feedback

In a previous blog, I discussed the steps to go from first draft to done and ready to publish. Step 2 is getting feedback. Whether this is from alpha readers, beta readers, developmental editors, you need to get feedback from people who look out for what readers need to be able to read your workContinue reading “Processing Feedback”

From Draft to Done

In today’s blog post, I’m going to try to discuss the entire writing process from first draft to publication- or submission-ready. Where you are in the process should give you some clues as to what type of editing assistance you may need to get to the next step. Step 1. First Draft This is theContinue reading “From Draft to Done”

Publishing timeline

a guide for self-publishing authors who want to use editors I’ve had a number of conversations the last few weeks with authors who approach me about editing, but they have surprisingly unrealistic timetables for going from draft through editing, to publish-ready. This blog will primarily address the editing parts of the publishing process: beta readers,Continue reading “Publishing timeline”

Do you need a Copy Editor?

You think you’ve got a pretty tight story, and just need it “cleaned up” before you start thinking about submitting it to a publisher or publishing it yourself. Most people will say you need a copy editor. Copy Editors A copy editor is focused at the language structure level of reviewing your manuscript. So theyContinue reading “Do you need a Copy Editor?”

What’s my manuscript evaluated for?

When you request a manuscript evaluation, you are asking me to answer the following questions: Is my idea saleable in the market and genre I’m aiming for? Is my story complete? Do you see problems with the characters? Do you see problems with the setting? Do you see problems with the plot or conflicts? AnotherContinue reading “What’s my manuscript evaluated for?”

Do you need a Proofreader?

A proofreader is all about catching the last errors and checking the layout of the book on the page(s). They find and fix: overlooked punctuation problems transposed letters in words widow and orphan situations where a word or words is just left “hanging” at the top of a page. strange line spacing when text isContinue reading “Do you need a Proofreader?”


I provide a full range of editing services for the narrative (story) writer. Whether your story is real, fictional, or fantastical, you will find I’m as dedicated as you are to developing your best story. I love coaching and nearly every edit I suggest will have a comment explaining why it’s needed. Or I’ll giveContinue reading “Services”