Rate: $60 per hour

Consultations, or coaching sessions, are direct instructional discussions about your writing using Zoom.

In this one-on-one space, I can help you with specific aspects of story craft:

  • point of view
  • building stories
  • developing characters
  • the difference between present and past tense (and how to fix the errors)
  • how to recognize and fix point of view errors
  • how to rewrite a scene in an entirely different character’s point of view.
  • You can learn how to “sprinkle” details to avoid info dumping world-building or character descriptions or background.

I have several model texts for examples and as many a workshopper will tell you, I can come up with many more on the fly. The texts we fix together will come from your own work.

Consultation and coaching are also part of a developmental edit. We’ll go over specific scenes you have written or rewritten and you’ll receive feedback with visuals (whiteboard and screenshare).

And you get a recorded copy of every session so you can view as often as necessary as private video on my Youtube channel.