Book formatting

This is a new service I am offering (2023) so turnaround time is not yet set in stone. Flat rate minimum (assuming a novel of ~50k) = $120, and done in one week.
$10 per 10,000 words above that, so…

60k book = $130.
70k book = $140.
80k book = $150.

What you get

  • Reflowable EPUB ebook file with graphic scene breaks, included font(s), linked table of contents.
  • Print-ready PDF:
  • mirrored facing pages, with gutter for binding.
    • alternating headers
    • border between header and text body
    • comfortable reading white space
  • author’s choice of graphics for scene separators
  • page numbers centered on bottom of page on all story pages
  • first chapter page formatting with chapter title 30-40% down the page
    (will be consistent, but this is flexible by author request).