Services and Rates

Lara Zielinsky, DBA LZ Edits, provides a full range of editing services for the narrative (story) writer. Whether your story is real, fictional, or fantastical, you will find I am as dedicated as you are to developing your best story. I love coaching and nearly every edit I suggest will have a comment explaining why it’s needed. I’ll also give you several suggestions how to fix a problem so you can pick the one that feels most like “you.”

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You can request to meet with me via Zoom or email to talk in detail about your editing needs. At this time, phone conferencing is only available to residents of the state of Florida so it is not required for you to fill in your phone number.

Current clients, please visit the Client Hub to check on the status of your current project.

The table below is a quick glance at my rates for various services. Payment plans are available for all services. If you’re not sure what a service includes, click the link for a full post about it, or ask your questions when you request a quote. I can also mix and match services to provide the best package for you.

FREE Sample Edit (up to 1,500 words)
-first time clients only-
Developmental Edit (minimum 20,000 words)
$10.00 / 1,000 words*
Copy Edit (minimum 10,000 words)
$6.00 / 1,000 words
Proofreading (minimum 20,000 words)
$3.00 / 1,000 words
Manuscript Evaluation (minimum 20,000 words)
$3.50 / 1,000 words
1-to-1 Coaching or Consultation
$60.00 / hour*
* NEW RATES effective July 1, 2022