Services and Rates

Lara Zielinsky, DBA LZ Edits, provides a full range of editing services for the narrative (story) writer. Whether your story is real, fictional, or fantastical, you will find I am as dedicated as you are to developing your best story. I love coaching and nearly every edit I suggest will have a comment explaining why it’s needed. I’ll also give you several suggestions how to fix a problem so you can pick the one that feels most like “you.”

If you’re not sure what a service includes, click the link for a full post about it, or ask your questions when you request a quote. I can also mix and match services to provide the best package for you.

FREE Sample Edit (up to 1,500 words)
-first time clients only-
Developmental Edit (minimum 20,000 words)
$10.00 / 1,000 words*
Copy Edit (minimum 10,000 words)
$6.00 / 1,000 words
Proofreading (minimum 20,000 words)
$3.00 / 1,000 words
Manuscript Evaluation (minimum 20,000 words)
$3.50 / 1,000 words
1-to-1 Coaching or Consultation
$60.00 / hour*
* NEW RATES effective July 1, 2022