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LZ Edits is the business name of freelance editor Lara Zielinsky (she/her). The business is registered in the state of Florida. Lara has been editing fiction manuscripts for small press and indie authors for nearly 20 years. Her business Facebook page has several 5-star reviews.

Philosophy: An editor is a lot like a gemstone cutter. A quality editor applies judicious cuts, nuanced grinding, and polish, to bring out the highest value in an author’s raw material.

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General service response hours are :
9a-9p Eastern time, Mondays through Fridays
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Special Interests:

While all manuscripts are welcome, Lara is particularly interested in working with authors of narrative books: memoir, fiction, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and romance. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she is also particularly interested in elevating the work of authors writing in these genres.


Lara holds a BA in journalism and is certified in Professional Writing from the University of Central Florida. Certified to teach English language arts, reading and writing in secondary school, she taught in the classroom for 10 years before moving full time to editing and writing. She has been named a senior judge for the Bi+ Book Awards, and her own books have received several different accolades and awards.


Lara is a member of the Golden Crown Literary Society (LGBTQ/sapphic literature), listing as both an author and editor, and sponsored an author reading panel at their 2022 conference. She is also a full member of The American Copy Editors Society (ACES), Romance Writers of America and the Rainbow Romance Writers.


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