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Lara Zielinsky has been a journalist, technical writer, educator, fiction author, and fiction editor for more than 30 years. Over the last 20 years, her focus shifted exclusively to fiction. She has five novels traditionally published, and she has been helping other authors put their best books forward since 2006.

Affiliations: ACES, the society for editing; LGBTQ+ Editors; Romance Writers of America; Rainbow Romance Writers; Golden Crown Literary Society; and Bi+ Writers Association.

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Do you need help getting your story into the right shape? A manuscript evaluation critically examines the structure, pacing, character arcs, and conflict points, to propose fixes for helping your story get fit and fabulous.

Does your story feel complete but need toning and firming? Copy/line editing fixes your story’s sentence structures and word choices to improve impact and pacing.

Do you have a finished book and need help with proofreading or formatting for publication?

Do you want a writing coach to help you? I can coach you individually through tough spots or bring you into my group Workshop. I can also schedule a multi-phase developmental edit and guide you until you type “the end” on a story you can be proud to share with readers.


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The DBA “LZ Edits” was formed in 2022 as requests for Lara’s services went from part-time to full-time. Beginning with only copyediting, she has expanded into providing all types of editing. She also provides interactive/educational services related to book development: evaluation, consulting, and book coaching. A description of services and rates can be found here.