Current format is online using Zoom.

In 2022 the price will be $15 per workshop (4 sessions). This price includes critique and feedback for scenes submitted during the workshops, which cover the broad topics in storycraft.

The Format

Through my group Workshop on Facebook, I organize instructional slides and gather participants’ scenes. Then we use Google Drive to leave comments. On Saturdays we Zoom together and discuss the finer points of #StoryCraft and then examine the members’ scenes using the week’s topic as a lens to focus our study.

Workshop dates for 2022 have not been set.
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Watch and listen to an excerpt from a past workshop – topics: scene goal and characterization.

The live Zoom sessions are generally 1.5 hours long and start with an overview of the storycraft element, with examples and initial questions, followed by discussions about individual participate submissions.

  1. developing characters (and relationships)
  2. structuring scenes with story/scene goals
  3. developing conflict
  4. providing setting/background while avoiding info dump

Attendees will receive

  1. Workshop slides
  2. Video and audio clips of the discussions
  3. Comment on and critique of as many as 4 scenes (around 6,000 words) focused around the four #StoryCraft topics.

Why join an LZ Edits Workshop?

(comments from participants)

you give fantastic adviceLeanna, August 2021

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you so much…I have learned so much and I am so appreciative.Leslie, August 2021

Thank you, LZ, for putting on this workshop and a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who participates in the zoom. The workshop is absolutely invaluable to me as a newbie and will help me grow the skills I need to (maybe) finish the story one day.”Penny, August 2021