recent (client) releases

All of my clients are indie authors, and as their editor I do like to help them spread the word of their books. You’ll find I’ve updated my client books pages with several new titles:

  1. Married to the Interstellar Colonist. This is author Ami Wright‘s sixth, and final, book in The Lost Romans science fiction romance series. Book 1, Rescued by the Interstellar Agent (currently 99c), introduced Minerva “Minnie” Harris and Roman centurion Marcus Aquilius Felix. For book 6, the couple is back, the relationship has grown to the proposal stage, but Minnie is reluctant. To read how these two find their way, finally, to the altar – on a planet full of dinosaurs and colonizing first century Romans – grab a copy of Married to the Interstellar Colonist today!
  2. With Amir, Ami Wright launches her second series Forbidden Mates of the Ardun Royal Guard. At the conclusion of the Ardun gladiatorial games, an attack at the medal presentation endangers several human females in attendance, and one is kidnapped. Amir and his fellow gladiators set out to rescue and protect the women. Book 1 is Champion Amir’s story, as he attempts to rescue the kidnapped woman, Zara, and bring her safely to the shahra’s palace as he was commanded.
  3. TJ Dallas‘s Wrath trilogy concludes with The Day of Wrath. Trying to prevent the apocalypse never has been sexier or more sapphic. Emilia, the personification of Wrath, is in a triad with Astar, the personification of War, and Madison, the personification of Envy. Archangel Michael fixates on them in his quest to end the Evil of humanity.
  4. New client Johana Gavez releases Score to Love at the culmination of soccer season. This is a light sapphic romance featuring rivals to lovers as Antonia Carvalho and Camila Sanchez go head to head to earn a spot on the NWSL team the Houston Starlight.
  5. Canadian author Annie M. Ballard launches her series Sisters of Stella Mare with the release of A Heart for the Homeless. Dorie Madison, the youngest of the Madison sisters, still lives at home with her father and runs a dog grooming business that is failing because Maritimers seem to only see their dogs as working dogs, not pampered pooches. She also volunteers with a local organization that seems to be running afoul of a dog-fighting ring and Dorie gets caught in the middle. Enters Chad, a news videographer, who helps her out of a few jams. The genre is women’s fiction with a strong side of romance, and you will love the evocative setting details of the Canadian area called the Maritimes (New Brunswick).
  6. New client Terri Cutshall has penned a delightful winter-time romance in Fall Into Me. Rebounding from a breakup, Audrey Maddox goes on vacation with her two best friends to a ski resort in Colorado. There she meets Liv Sutton. Liv is the daughter of the resort owners, who would rather be a chef. She is reeling from loss of her own. Can these two find their way to love after a supposed no-strings-attached one-night stand?

~ Lara

Published by Lara Zielinsky

I have been writing and publishing for 20 years. I have been an editor of fiction for 15+ years. I am married, live in Florida and work from home full time as an editor.

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