Developmental Editing

Rate: $15.00 per 1,000 words ($0.015 per word)

Note: the developmental edit is based on the target word count typical of the genre of your story. Here’s a Reedsy article regarding book length that may help you determine what this means for your project.

I typically only take on ONE developmental client at a time, so only 3 or 4 new clients a year.

Developmental editing is an “all in one” for my services and is scheduled over (at least) four months, where we do an evaluation first, then I coach you through the rewrites and revisions suggested to the story elements, and then I do a copy edit of your revised manuscript.

Combined services:

  1. manuscript evaluation – 2-3 weeks for a typical length manuscript, but longer manuscripts may take up to twice as long. I can also evaluate partials, but I will also need any notes, partial scenes, brainstormed bits and bobs you’ve got, so I can make sense with the biggest picture possible of what you have.
  2. coaching/consultation – this is mostly based on your schedule. If you can dedicate time to the rewriting and revisions at a NaNoWriMo-like pace, this may take only a couple months. My experience has shown it to be 2-3 months of dedicated time.
  3. copy editing – the time this takes is based on my typical editing pace of 5,000 words per day

Note: if these services were contracted separately, the total cost can be as much as 20-40% more. If you cannot commit to the continuous calendar, you might want to contract the services separately. I offer payment plans and discounts for booking multiple services on the same book.