Editorial Advice 2

Today’s editorial advice is for authors writing synopses. If you are planning to traditionally publish, you have to query publishers or agents to see if they’ll pick up you and your work. What agents and publishers frequently request is a synopsis. What is a synopsis? A synopsis is a full summary of your story, fromContinue reading “Editorial Advice 2”

Scene building: Endings

Listen to this post on Spotify. Today’s topic is not about how to end your story, but rather how to end a scene so that it carries the reader through the emotions just riled up and makes them turn the page eagerly to see what happens next. A scene should unfold at a pace thatContinue reading “Scene building: Endings”

Scene building: beginnings

Listen to this post or others on Spotify or Anchor.fm I’ve talked previously about how to structure a scene. The beginning, or entre, should start as close to the moment the POV character starts pursuing their scene goal. But when exactly is that? And how do you decide whether to start with narrative, like describingContinue reading “Scene building: beginnings”

Setting: That can’t happen here

A discussion of why setting matters in fiction Do you have any idea where any of these stories takes place? Asking these questions about a blurb, you can see how important setting is to fiction. With the exception of the last one, retreating to a beach house, there’s very little about setting in any ofContinue reading “Setting: That can’t happen here”

Describing character: gain perspective

Listen to this post and more on Spotify or Anchor.fm You, dear writer, have all those wonderful character sheets filled out with demographics: Jamie Dotter is, 29, 5’11”, blonde, Nordic features, muscular build, college degree from Wellsley College, law degree from Harvard, in her fourth year working as a lawyer with Grant, Hardy, and Iglesias,Continue reading “Describing character: gain perspective”

Scene building using goals

Listen to this blog on Spotify. I previously discussed the structure of a scene is based around conflict and overcoming it. But conflict and obstacles comes in many forms. They can be as simple as encountering a child’s fallen toy on the floor while crossing the room. What really guides the scene and makes itContinue reading “Scene building using goals”

Structuring a Scene

Listen to this blog post on Spotify. The scene is the basic building block of any story. It contains actions and reactions, and dialogue (inner and outer). A scene has ONE point of view, and takes place (with few exceptions) while the POV character moves within a single setting. On TikTok, I posted an overviewContinue reading “Structuring a Scene”

TikTok Tips

I have launched a TikTok for 2023. I plan to share pithy 2-3 minute tips about writing or editing fiction. My first video is a remastered clip from a 2021 workshop, encouraging writers to write first, market later. @lz_editsfl For my first video, a PSA from #editor to #writer: write YOUR story #writeItDown ♬ originalContinue reading “TikTok Tips”

Past vs Present tense

This is a post about tense. There’s a rising prevalence of first person, present tense stories, and I wanted to see if it was just my perception or if more people were writing in present tense. So, on Mastodon, I started a poll – the thread that followed was also very informative. The poll showsContinue reading “Past vs Present tense”

One a day keeps the goal in play

Spotify recording of this post can be listened to here. This is a bonus wrap-up of my NaNoWriMo 2022 posts covering ideas for maintaining a pace to achieve your goal. Listen to this blog on Spotify If you write every day in November, the pace necessary to reach 50k is to write 1,667 words eachContinue reading “One a day keeps the goal in play”