What’s my manuscript evaluated for?

When you request a manuscript evaluation, you are asking me to answer the following questions:

  1. Is my idea saleable in the market and genre I’m aiming for?
  2. Is my story complete?
  3. Do you see problems with the characters?
  4. Do you see problems with the setting?
  5. Do you see problems with the plot or conflicts?

Another thing a manuscript evaluator can do is tell you how well the story fits the genre(s) you’re aiming for or what tags might be useful for targeting the books to the right readers.

If an evaluation finds a lot of problems that need big fixes, the evaluator may suggest that you go for a developmental edit next. If there are minimal issues, they’ll suggest a copy edit.

Visit my Services page to see pricing for a manuscript evaluation.

Published by Lara Zielinsky

I’m a writer of many years, mostly romantic storylines featuring lesbian and/or bisexual women. I first started sharing stories writing fanfic for fandoms like Xena, Star Trek Voyager, and Once Upon A Time. Short stories with original characters and situations are released monthly on my Patreon: http://patreon.com/lczielinsky

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