Spotify Podcasting

I have connected this blog to Spotify podcasting and set up “Helping You Put Your Best Book Forward.”

Mostly it will simply be a way to make the blog audio-accessible for visitors. You’ll see “episode” links at the top of blogs I have turned into audio.

However, you can also subscribe to the podcast at Spotify.

The first posts I gave audio to were the five that discussed prepping for NaNoWriMo 2022 posted in October 2022.

I may, in the future, expand the podcast to augment the information in my posts with discussions with authors and editors about the writing process. Stay tuned!

~ Lara

Published by Lara Zielinsky

I have been writing and publishing for 20 years. I have been an editor of fiction for 15+ years. I am married, live in Florida and work from home full time as an editor.

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