New titles roundup

Been a bit of a hectic period, and while I’ve taken a few moments during that time to update the client book list, I thought I’d share a blog post talking a bit about each of the new titles that client authors have published since I last posted about their books in November 2021.

TJ Dallas – lesbian erotic fantasy adventure

TJ Dallas completed the shorts collection A Shot of Absinthe AND released a create-your-own-adventure Welcome to the Cardinal.

Both are full of scorching hot sexual encounters within the LGBTQ spectrum and features kinks like D/s.

Click on the images to visit the US Amazon website for each.

Ami Wright – erotic sci-fi romance

Ami has completed a five-book series set in the 31st century. Books 1-4 are out. Book 5 is coming later this year. The series title is The Lost Romans, and the books feature 4th century Roman centurions, 31st century humans, and human-cat hybrids called Ardun. Come for the instellar mystery of the lost Roman 19th legion, and stay for the way these lovers fight for each other’s happy ending.

Annie M. Ballard – contemporary Canadian fiction

Annie’s stories, set in the Canadian Maritimes, have deeply woven women and family issues. Her second book Angels in the Architecture (her first was A Talisman of Home) tells the story of Emelie and Liam (brother to Declan from Talisman) who struggle to be a normal family with their adopted son Ben after an auto accident.

Some content warning for child endangerment is warranted, but Emelie and Liam’s story is filled with heartfelt earnestness.

Johana Gavez – lesbian erotic romance

Helping Johana out when her regular editor couldn’t fit her in the schedule introduced me to this novella erotic romance writer. Hailing from Columbia, Johana’s stories frequently take place in that South American locale and feature swoon-worthy Spanish-speaking women who wear the power suit very well. The first book in a new series (Talk To Me), Tell Me What You Want, is her latest release. Airport Encounter (a short story) and Score to Love will be out later this year.

Published by Lara Zielinsky

I have been writing and publishing for 20 years. I have been an editor of fiction for 15+ years. I am married, live in Florida and work from home full time as an editor.

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