2022 YIR client promo

All through December, I’m going to do some reflection. In prepping my business for 2023, I’m looking into the different things I’m doing here and evaluating my efforts, the different activities’ effectiveness for promoting both my authors and my services and sharing my expertise about writing, revising, and editing. First I want to reflect aboutContinue reading “2022 YIR client promo”

Throw away the crutches

Copy editing (and line editing – I do both together) are organized around making sure your story is streamlined and contains the best word choices to suit the characters, the tone or tension of the situations, and the setting or time period. The application of grammar rules is balanced with the author’s style and theContinue reading “Throw away the crutches”

Reflection: Working for myself

Today is National Bosses Day. I’ve worked for a LOT of bosses over the years. Frequently, I’ve been “bossed” by more than one person. Despite the org chart saying so-n-so was my supervisor, I’ve had people in positions above me insist that THEY had the right to dictate my priorities, draining my time and energyContinue reading “Reflection: Working for myself”