2022 YIR client promo

All through December, I’m going to do some reflection. In prepping my business for 2023, I’m looking into the different things I’m doing here and evaluating my efforts, the different activities’ effectiveness for promoting both my authors and my services and sharing my expertise about writing, revising, and editing. First I want to reflect aboutContinue reading “2022 YIR client promo”

2021 Year in Review

My year of editing full time was a blast! An absolute joy. Every day. Stats From January through December 2021, I edited: short stories (under 15k) = 6 collection of shorts = 1 novellas (15k=45k) = 4 novels (50k+) = 13 This list represents more than 1.3 million words. I also helped writers one-on-one withContinue reading “2021 Year in Review”